Thursday, 17 January 2008

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You know the Murni (i mentioned in one of the old posts) which is quite famous round here in SS2 ?

HAHA! i went there with my roomate and housemate yesterday for dinner and we ordered Roti Seafood and another....whatever chicken one...(can't remember...)

and of course, the price won't be like the 70 cents or some sort's roti kosong...(maybe even more expensive), the price is close to the murtabak one...

BUT it all worth the price when you see the BIG (medium) Prawns in the seafood one and a LARGE sum of meat in the chicken one...


and basically,you should't miss ordering the 'special' drink , but, i decided not to 'make it special' with all the nata de coco and blended ice...

and it turns out i'm quite right!! (coz my roomie cant finish it!!'s very very huge k...)




quite a lerge proportion...

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