Saturday, 8 December 2007

a victim of snatch thievery...

she told her: two words.


three words:tired,EXTREMELY ANGRY.


SHE was initially bound to a date with Mr T, but due to some last minute changes, she decided to go to the mall alone, fetched by her mum with a motorcycle.

SHE was a tat bit disappointed that she can't find what she wants, but instead got some christmas decoratives as asked from home.

'whatever...' SHE thought..

SHE decided to call her mum to fetch her home then.

SHE was grumping again as her mum ask her to take herself the decoratives...'urgh..'she said...

just as they take a corner along a narrow 'lorong', with a fast motion, her handbag was snatched from a !"£$%^&* (censored!)'unimpressive youth' at the back of another motorcycle...

SHE cursed.

SHE tried to snap pictures of that plate but...

that !"£$%^&*(censoreddd...) '-youth-' covered the plate with his other hand.

SHE cursed again.

calling her dad comes with another round of know...and they head to the local police station.

SHE'S quite familiar with those process as she did those for her lost lisence before, except that this time it was not 'hilang dalam simpanan' but 'pembonceng yang meragut' , and her eyes was filled with tears....

2nd stop was at the head quarter, which, leads to a sergeant of 'bahagian jenayah', and a deeper interrogation.

just as the sergeant is printing the report(which, FYI, is free now..used to give rm2..), her dad's mobile ringed AGAIN.

her things were found. supposingly that the two..whoever..thrown it in the petrol station's toilet after some 'deep searching', and was found and returned to her home by a good samaritan.

of course, her initial $$ for the things SHE hoped was gone.FOREVER.

but still, other things were alright except that SHE guess those..whoever...must have needed tissues as it was gone too...not to mention her mobile's earphone...

and leaving her a 'not-an-apple-of-her-eyes' lighter, and her original but stinkyly-disgustingly-made her filled with anger..stained spectacle AND cleansing cloth.

SHE thought,they must have been VERY DIRTY. indeed they ARE. she said.

SHE throwed all the stained things. including few of her 'singled' ear rings...

throw throw throw.SHE thought to herself.

SHE have been hating 'stains'.

'well,i just have to live with it,don't i?'SHE thought to herself.

yeah,she's lucky she's not DEAD NOR INJURED.

yeah. appreciated.

STILL, she thinks that at some 'critical times', bringing a handbag is inevitable and unavoidable, not like what SOMEONE said, that it's just for BEAUTY AND GLAM.

ask,how do you take your umbrella, without a vehicle of youself, and avoiding being too slouchy?

ANNNNDDD, how many times have you ask your wife OR girlfriend for tissues or this and that, or even tell her to help keep your things since she has SPACEEEE??????

OR, do you mind your wife OR girlfriend wears a nice top and jeans and (LOW)heels PLUS a back pack to a date with you?????

ANNNDD, are you sure that she has been really really idiotic that she left IT to be snathced?and she doesn't feel sorry or sad enough?( and you wanna make it worse,somemmore!!!)

tell you,proven that even a backpack have a pretty risk of being snatched.even robbed.




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