Saturday, 6 October 2007

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yeeeeoooowww!!!! my 1st younger brother is coming back today!just got a call from him from LUMUT TLDM BASE(Royal Malaysian Navy)


i lived there when i was 'younggg' dad was in navy you can imagine all those things...

(phua chu kang:like father ah?)

but its sad everything including his identity is in the navy's cham la...(i.e. he doesn't have his mycard anymore,but holding the paper-y identification of his navy status...

and what he told me was they are getting UTM lecturer coming to teach them next sem..he's a pegawai-kadet thingy...(i dont know la..)

then,he said that if tahan by polis,he canpass with his specfial I/C ...but not my dad's..haha..different status...

and if he's good in his australian english test,he could go to UK/ France to further the training!
ok,that's all.gtg.

!!!!EEEEKKK!!im using too much of those lah and ah..and ..uirgh!!argh!going!

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