Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Tagged!!!!(i'm so sorry you have to deal with the A-word my friends!haha..but don't puke!

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alright!here it is---tagged! what it is? nope,not the tagged,but tagged!!(hahaha..i'm typing stupid things myself) scroll down and you'll know what's tagged!(im tagged by yvonka!)

Seven things to be done before my death
*achieved distinction level in my 'Angel Academy's Courses'(kekek...)
*learnt as much as i can learn-medic,law,psycho..im knowledge-hungry!!
*written as much as i can to be passed down^^
*saved as much beings as i can from the evil side including myself(kekek..)
*done as much as i can of everything to be done with my family
*be as successful in work as i can
*get back my beautiful over-the-waist-long hair,perfect skin,and perfect figure!!*sob...* ='(

(at least i die beautifully?)

Seven things I will not do even if it kills me
*stop spreading Angelic vibes to people(kekek..)
*being evil to people! GrrRrr..(i mean,in my conscious mind..forgive me if i really,i must have been possessed)
*stop learning
*stop writing
*stop being sane!!!
*stop connecting!!!

Seven things I do when I'm away from the public
*get lovey-dovey with my deary hubby!^^heheh...
*bath it is!!!!!
*sleep it is!!!
*in my comfort state indulged in reading or browsing or things...(no,its not meant for public view ok? you'll get vision shock.)
*busy cleaning and clearing...(no,you won't wanna see that too.)
*me in deep in thought mode(hmmm....)

Seven fav sentences/quotes
*i love you!
*everything takes time...
*what the...(ok,it's like half a curse, 'coz we're NOT supposed to do that right?)
*stop it stop it!(silently in my mind...blocking evil cosmic power!!)
*its alright,just try to be good!
*pengsan...(=.="") in various languages..hahah..
*ok ok ,let's see...(virgoic analisation,hehe..)

Seven favourite songs from all time
*ABC(yeah...you want me to sing for you?no?alright...)
*right here waiting-richard marx
*first love-??(whatever japanese...)
*only time-enya
*the prayer-josh groban and charlotte church
*my own humming tone..(hmmm...hmmm...)
*can i say......mantras?

Seven things I'll make you wish you didn't do if you did
*hurt me and people i cared
*lied to---
*stolen from---
*all done in evil deed to---

Seven people to tag

Agnes-lil nurse in Taiwan
Jingen Wong!
Kepang Liew
Dr Carmen!!(could she be reading?????)
Victor Teoh Eu Jin!!

you all have been tagged!!!!wahahahah!!!

it kinda reveal my boring personality...oh my!sad!!

last but not least,just wanna tell you guys that the Angel thingy is just a concept alright? I thought i've explain what it is...so don't mistaken me as schizaphrenic or having split personality! and don't vomit!haha...


Debbie said...

to the ppl that have been tagged.. WTH is tagged.. price tagged ar?? if ur ever near my cousin.. please slap her back to reality.. guess after she has revealed her secrets.. she has been crazy enuf to drive me crazy too!!! OH NO.. ur a disease!! wah.......... *screams n runs away from her pc*

ViViEnNe said...

what the...i b et u cant even run more than a feet from ur pc..the minute u do this ppl wil look at u as a crazy 1,u dun wan ppl look at u like tat right?(u bac 2 reality la..hahah) n u shud talk 2 d person who started it at all if u wan...haha..n i dunno who..

KahJoon said...

fuhh, lucky i nvr kena tag again..i edi kena once from my fren d.

viv, u should ask easier question ma. dont give ppl such a hard time. and why nvr tag amy..syohh..

ViViEnNe said...

yvon tagged amy di...hehe...if nt i sure tag her 1..

jeannie said...

Never been tagged before..Not sure what it means but glad tat u did cuz only 7 ppl gt tagged!! Gosh...Touching moments.. *sob*