Saturday, 13 October 2007

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no doubt it has been a hard day for me...still, thanks kj and bebbie for you guys' thoughtful words...i will keep learning(well,you're learning as long as you're living, arent you?)

and of course thanks vic,amy and also jeannie for you guys' supports, im touched!

this blog will be made private for a period of time, for several reasons.

of course i will do my best...most importantly be more humble i guess?ahh..whatever...still low mood..

thinking of the coming doctor appointment made my mood lower...just got the appointment from my aunt...just how long should i be meeting doctors in hospital for this?...i was suspecting alot on the reason for this...PCOS?DUB?premature menopause?(choi!!)..i really dont know...and still trapped...
it's like it never gonna recover..

by the way, a book i really wanna recommend- 11th Floor it is, by Han Sang-Bok and was translated to chinese by Ngou Cho-Kiat. but sadly,it's only in korean and,i find it very interesting,talking about management and politics, but even more on humanity. its fiction but very inspiring indeed!

im planning,or rather, WONDERING, if i can translate it to english and......nah....too much....

that's all...gonna continue cleaning the house...*grrr*...and try the electronic work out belt again....with the hope of further flattening my stomach and hips and calves...adn waist.

that's all for now.grumpy.

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