Thursday, 4 October 2007

*everything revealed...*

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

*deep breath*'s the BIGGGGGGG thing....

what BIGGGG thing you'll ask...

so here it is........

(woiyo!tell lah!speculate...yala yala..have to prepare mah..)


*deep breath again*
(doink!tell lah!) deary lovey *male confidant,partner,companion,lover,significant other,speculating-future-other-half, boyfriend* is revealed....

(woi,stopit lah......what so only mar...woiyo..)

(eh,then how is it?) was just another usual evening when i was opening my blog replying my cbox messeges that my mum asked why i was always seen with terence(


ok,so my mum asked whether he's my ...*ahem*...then i said of course no..and my stupid brother shouted that it was "something -n- years ago"(which n my ex)....


then my mum kept asking...and..well,it was really clear that..well..*ahem* i just told my mum...and also explaining why we had been keeping it secret for almost 3 years(which is,me n vic..)..

(3 years????!!!!!!!!!!)

that...we want to keep it low profile and less people campur tangan...whatever lah...

then mum asked for his picture..(eheheh...)and i showed her...

she said:not bad ah,very proper looking(means good...kekek...)

she actually doesnt remember him coming to our house...*sigh*..disappointed..

so that's it...

and before i end this,

to debbie my dear cousin,if you're seeing this,i want to say sorry coz have been keeping this secret from you from the start but i have no choice,even though you're my cousin!! ="l i wanted it to be as less people know as i can...

to my *elders* (parents,family friends), if you're seeing this,we have been keeping it secret coz we wanted it to be stable first before we do anything,less harm as that or something...and that we know,
that seeing your grown up daughter with other guys doesnt REALLY feel good that...sorry too..

to all who have known and been helping(maybe unconsciously) it be secret, thank you all!!and for being understanding too!!

to all who have been *speculating*, tada for you.


*bless us*

(the permission of posting of THE pictures is not given yet)

and to compensate,vic,this is for you...;)


QQ said...

Dunno what to say. Actually a bit envy of you, as you knew my thing.
It's no longer a secret, so i think you can handle it much better. Wish you all the best!!

Another thing is, your wording quite funny, haha!!

ViViEnNe said...

funny?hahah....jus play play la..