Wednesday, 3 October 2007

starting it right is so important

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alright,you know what ?i'll talk about it..

i'll talk about 'foundation'...

you see,the way they write the syllabus N.O.W is so obviously wrong...i mean,have problem.

1. do you ever remember that the lecturer told you to forget about the 'science' you learnt in lower grades and accept the new ones with different concepts? even maths? like...they tell you to froget about light goes in straight line and instead it is...(bla bla..) what's that?are you supposed to tell you're student those? and the science books now, lots of errors and unsynchronised- does coffee dissolves or not?(well,then the teacher'll say instant ones will and the others wont since different books have different answers)..what..just straight tell them it creates speculation on those who write the books man...

2. history. need i say more or what?

3. specifically-english. sounds,build up the reading and speaking skills first instead of writing and exams. because you see, the problem is such big now that they cant continue to learn in class for the weak ones..because their foundation is not well-built..i.e. you bla about this and that hoping they will accept,absorb and know while all they can do is stare at you..coz they dont understand a word of yours!!! i took a book from 1970..guess what?i feel awed at the well structured!! you have to get in pace with the young brains,not as you thought!! LUCKILY, though,i still see some good books, a phonics one..the teacher apparently is really experienced and understanding...(ahem,now the speculation on how did they choose the writers?)

-sigh-starting it right is so important!

and when i talk to my mum,all she said is if you think you're so right then go ahead and write the syllabus,i said of coz i will..duh..

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